Software Evaluation & Selection

Tell us your business challenges and goals, and we can tell you how to get there, and what tools you do (or don’t) need.

Most of the organizations are stuck with one dilemma: whether to buy something off the self from a software vendor or it would be better to build a custom software application inhouse. Spurto’s structured software selection process encompasses need analysis, business process study, documentation and long-term strategic plans (especially from cost perspective) which help businesses in making decisions whether buying or building would be the best solution suited for them.

We have partnered with small and growing organizations to find the software solutions to help keep their business running smooth and efficiently. Our team understand that for businesses, selecting the best technology solutions for the growing needs, can be complicated and even risky endeavor because lot of time, money and energy of various stakeholders is invested in the due process.

With our objective selection process, we try to remove the guesswork and anxiety out of the process and ensure that selected software meet the long-term business requirements. With our proven and unique methodology supported by our industry experience, we quantify the client operations and business goals. This helps businesses to evaluate from close quarter and arrive at decision which meet their long-term technology requisites at lowest total cost of ownership.

With our unbiased technology assessment and data driven evaluation process, we assess current operations and processes to uncover the areas for improvement. This drives businesses in defining new processes for material and information flows as well as helps in plugging the loopholes in the existing processes. In addition to it, this also supplement the decision-making process by clearly defining the scope of project across financial, organizational, technical, deliverable and physical aspects.

Spurto divide the selection criteria in two separate buckets: First, general criteria which includes cost, software history, vendor, support, maintenance, technical considerations and compatibility, ease of use, interfaces and integration. Second, we focus on business specific requirements.

Spurto team performs preliminary return on investment analysis, capital budgeting and prepares work plan which includes project management, knowledge transfer and communication approaches. We manage communication and provide support to selected short-listed vendors bidding on project. This we do by facilitating on-site vendor tours to ensure complete understanding of system and functional requirements. Our team develop detailed scripts in communion with business stakeholders to score vendors as they demonstrate technology functionality pertaining to established requirements. We submit final vendor recommendation including costs and functionality gaps. We help in coordinating contract negotiation and implementation processes and offer our assistance with project direction and implementation management.

Tell us your business challenges and goals, and we can tell you how to get there, and what tools you do (or don’t) need. Spurto will help you in taking the guesswork, anxiety and subjectivity out of the software evaluation and selection process.