Project Initiation

We facilitate kicking off a project through a formalized meeting process.

All projects are created for a reason. Someone identifies a need or an opportunity and devises a project to address that need. How well the project ultimately addresses that need defines the project’s success or failure. The success of your project depends on the clarity and accuracy of your business case and whether people believe they can achieve it. Whenever you consider past experience, your business case is more realistic; and whenever you involve other people in the business case’s development, you encourage their commitment to achieving it.

With Spurto’s project initiation services, we facilitate kicking off a project through a formalized meeting process. We help our customers in developing a business case for project rollout. We provide support to business owners in establishing the goals and scope of the project as well as document the project charter. Through various different mediums, we communicate the same charter to project team so that every stakeholder is aligned to goals to be achieved and their respective roles and responsibilities. This not only helps in establishing high level plan but also setup the project management office. During this process, we help in documenting the project life cycle which has various milestones to be achieved during this journey.

We have often seen that lack of clarity can breed confusion: people start pulling in different directions, building up unrealistic expectations, and harboring unnecessary worries and fears. This is being mitigated though Project Initiation Document (PID) - the top-level project planning document. Our team helps business owners in preparation of this document which helps in bringing together all of the information needed to get project started.

At Spurto, we help stakeholders in:

  • Defining the project and its scope
  • Justifying project and its benefits
  • Securing funding for the project, if necessary
  • Defining the roles and responsibilities of project participants
  • Providing with people the information they need to be productive and effective right from the start

While preparing the PID, we also look for alternative solutions and then prepare a summarized plan for implementation that includes a schedule and financial analysis. This approach helps stakeholders to determine if the project is worth undertaking and whether the project will be profitable to the organization.

With Spurto’s weighted decision matrix approach, organizations can structure their decision-making process by:

  • Specifying and prioritizing their needs with a list a criterion; then
  • Evaluating, rating, and comparing the different solutions; and
  • Selecting the best matching solution

With these services, business owners not only have peace of mind but also gives them room to concentrate on primary business activities – expanding and managing business effectively. Regardless of the size of organization, our experienced in-house accountants can comprehend your requirements and provide exactly what you need so that you can focus on more pressing matters.