Concept to Launch

We work with customers to look at the solutions from a 360-degree perspective.

There are few easy roads to successful product development, yet it is crucial strategically for companies to continuously innovate with new or improved products. An organization can decide to launch product or recalibrate existing business model for various reasons. Spurto takes pride in working with small and growing businesses to discover solutions which work best for them. We work with customers to look at the solutions from a 360-degree perspective. Some of the key questions which we try to answer are like how to expand market share, reach to newer geographies, increase per customer consumption of products, rollout new technology driven solutions in the company etc.

We bring a customer centric lens to the development of new offerings. As a part this service, our team of professional’s deep dive to understand the customer needs (met as well as unmet). This not only includes their current product offerings but also of competitors one which helps us in identifying new opportunities. By this approach, we try to establish a process for seizing new opportunities which includes (and not limited to) markets, customer segments and distribution channels.

Through iterative feedback driven process, we try to look for opportunities to reduce the development time and costs. Along with this process, our team tries to develop the innovation centre within the organisation so that tomorrow, stakeholders’ vision can quickly be converted into reality. In addition to it, inhouse innovation mechanism helps in developing greater internal capability. In past experiences, Spurto team has led more streamlined innovation and product development process which has resulted in the faster time to market. Through our work, we have tried to develop tailored concepts, business and master plans, that are both marketable, sustainable, unique and authentic.

Spurto support growing organizations to develop a viable and tech-savvy business model for them, as well as bookable and targeted products with high experience value, whereby aspects such as organization, communication and distribution are also looked at in detail. If needed, our team assist organization in the implementation of the new strategy through employee training, the development of a transition plan or any other means that is beneficial to the client.

We help business stakeholders in developing and testing new product concepts and their go to market plans. We also try to decipher the ancillary revenue strategies. This helps us in assessing the effectiveness of product development process. With thoughtful analysis of stakeholder’s product vision and goals, combined with a clear-eyed look at pricing, value proposition, core capabilities and challenges, Spurto team help in differentiating business offerings and position them strategically.