Financial Modeling & Budgeting

Prepare a functioning model which answers your “what-if” questions using scenario analysis.

At Spurto, our team of professionals helps you in quickly adopting to world-class financial planning and budgeting techniques which not only accommodate a wide range of business logics but also foresee the changes in outside world which may impact the business operations. We help you in preparing a functioning model which answers your “what-if” questions using scenario analysis. We not only prepare models according to client inputs but also plan how your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) rank against your peers. This not only helps you in providing a strategic direction for your business but also help you in understanding where to invest and where to scale back resources to support sustainable growth.

Our team not only help business owners in quantifying their expectations but also help them in understanding their intended course of action and how they can materialize the same. We document your significant assumption and help you in arriving at common grounds in case of divergent business verticals requirements. Our approach not only helps stakeholders in stripping out unnecessary complexity from model but also, they can run specific sensitivities at a group level. Often forecasts are needed by lenders, investors and other external users. Through our financial modelling and budgeting services, organizations can tell the story which they need to tell to the various stakeholders or produce the specific outputs required downstream in the process.

We have seen that due to paucity of time or other resource constraints, stakeholders find it difficult to present Credit Monitoring Arrangement (CMA) data as required in specific format by financial institutions. These CMA reports evaluates company granularly and carries various sections which includes details of existing and proposed fund limit, operating statement, analysis of balance sheet, comparative statements of current assets and liabilities, calculation of maximum permissible bank finance, fund flow statements, ratios etc. We support organizations in preparing these CMA data which not only encapsulate past financial history but also throws picture on the current financial position as well as future financial planning. With a proper CMA report along with right assumptions and properly bench marked with industry peers, chances of availing banking facility increase significantly provided that other procedures and requirements of financial institutions has been met.