Direct Tax Compliances

Entrepreneurs can stop worrying about finances & its ancillary functions and can focus on business operations.

Within an organisation, compliance management is the key instrument for ensuring law-abidance and is therefore a vital component of good, diligent management. With increasing focus of the Indian Government on widening the tax base and collection of revenue, tax compliance assumes key role and possess greater challenges for Corporates and Non-Corporates. Many business decisions have tax implications – some impact the amount you pay, some carry compliance requirements and often both are a concern. The Tax compliance services provided by Spurto are built on proven excellence in delivery and solid expertise.

Our tax experts understand your business and the ins and outs of the applicable tax regimes and advise you on the most tax effective means of achieving your business goals. Our highly trained and experienced tax professional at Spurto will help in all sorts of Income Tax compliances of your organization.

At Spurto, we provide the following services in the area of Direct Tax

  • Filing of income tax return for both corporates and non-corporates.
  • Preparation of Financial Statements of individuals.
  • Obtaining PAN/TAN for various assesses.
  • Providing accounting services related to income taxes
  • Advance tax estimation and timely deposit of tax.
  • Effective tax management, tax structuring and advisory services.
  • Representation before Tax Authorities in assessment/appeal proceedings.
  • Tax planning and designing the structure for the employees of the company.
  • Year-end closing services
  • Support during audits and representation by tax inspections
  • Advice on future tax implications in respect of the potential acquisition, mergers, demergers etc.
  • Advisory related to high value transactions to be undertaken by the Company.

Whether you are looking to improve the efficiency of your local operations, enter a new market or streamline your global operations. Our experts can provide you with the expertise you need. As your business develops you could benefit from having dedicated team of professional tax advisors who can advise you on day-to-day matters as well as on specific transactions – to minimize risks and maximize the value of your business. We are constantly tracking the continual change of tax laws and regulations, so we are prepared to offer you the most up-to-date insights on tax planning and tax compliance.