Corporate Law Compliances

Entrepreneurs can stop worrying about finances & its ancillary functions and can focus on business operations.

We all know that the primary objective of the Company is to protect the stakeholder’s wealth. The concept of corporate governance was established not only to safeguard the interest of the stakeholders but also for safeguarding the economy. In a time of ever-changing regulatory requirements, appearance of new financial risks, increased restrictions and, the modern businesses are operating in environment where risks are higher as it was 20 years ago. It becomes crucial for any company, regardless of its size, to be aware of all the legal amendments and comply with all applicable legislations. We have seen compliance programs within the organizations have become core element for the stakeholders. In recent years, management of the Companies/LLP have been striving to ensure higher level of legal and regulatory compliances. The board of directors determines the company’s policies and values thus laying down the foundations for compliance within the organization. The management also ensures that company’s day-to-day business operations are fully compliant with internal policies. An effective corporate compliance program is no longer just an option for businesses but it has become a necessity.
Spurto believes that an effective compliance program helps in ensuring that a company’s organizational structure, people, processes and technology are in complete sync. This helps businesses in minimizing risks, ensuring full customer satisfaction, chalk out new strategies of growth, effective vendor management and streamline other ancillary functions. Our team helps in establishing the program objectives, policies and procedures such that due adherence is made with all compliances. Our team at Spurto makes our best efforts in ensuring compliance without even minor deviation. At Spurto, we can assist small and growing organizations with the following compliances:

  • Filing statutory forms and Annual Returns.
  • Charge/Deposit related filing.
  • Change in Management.
  • Maintenance of records and statutory registers.
  • Preparing necessary minutes of the Board and Shareholder’s meeting.
  • Drafting Corporate documents and agreements.
  • Shifting of Registered office within local limits, from one ROC jurisdiction to another and from one State to another.
  • Consultancy & Compliance on CSR activities.
  • Assisting in winding up/closure of companies.