Business Requirement Analysis

Business owners can enhance their corporate governance, risk management and compliance & also accelerate the transition to workflow with clearly mapped process.

To shape up the final product as per the management requirement is a tough task. In order to identify the business needs and determining suitable solutions to business challenges, Spurto offers full range of Business Analysis Services to support the customer requirements. Spurto consultants helps in guiding this complex process so that you can launch your new solutions with full confidence. We believe that requirement analysis is highly critical to the failure or success of the project. If the requirement gathering is not done properly, it can result into project deliverable not meeting the business requirements which in turn would result in waste of time and money.

Business Requirement Analysis Services by Spurto Consultancy Services
Our team of professionals work in liaison with various stakeholders in the organization to gather, analyse, communicate and validate requirements for changes to business processes, policies and information systems. With varied industry experiences, our team understand business problems and opportunities in the context of the requirements and recommend solutions which enable our customers to achieve the business goals and adapt to ever changing economic environment.

Our belief is that business requirement analysis is as critical as different phases of project life cycle because in order to get a full-fledged product with all the specifications, you require strong foundation and requirement gathering is that important pillar. Also, with proper requirement analysis, teams can collaborate with each other effortlessly as per management guidelines during the course of project.

Our approach is divided into two phases

Phase One

First, we try to gather requirements from various stakeholders to identify customers requisites. This phase is also known as Discovery Phase because we understand and identify a business’s project requirements.

In order to complete the first phase, we try to have Initial Interview, Survey, Brainstorming, Joint Application Method, Facts Observation, Focus Group, Interface Analysis, Prototyping, Use Case Diagrams, and Problem Reports and Suggestion Analysis with various stakeholders of the organization. These different methods are being employed by our professionals so that requirements can easily be documented, measured, tested, and tracked for business needs and opportunities.

Phase Two

At this juncture, with the accumulated information and facts from first phase, we correlate the data and decipher whether information available with us is valuable enough to proceed with the project plan.

For second phase, we conduct iterative analysis of various activity outcomes so that we have clearly defined requirements that set a solid vision and foundation for your project.

Our team at Spurto also ensures that the requirements are written in a form that is easily understandable by all the parties involved in the project delivery. We also have the experience in stirring between vague and sometimes differing views of the stakeholders in order to concur on what needs to be accomplished. With our varied industry experience, we try to overcome the challenges faced by businesses, and not limited to, like, lack of clarity in defining criteria for success or milestones, lack of communication between the parties, changing the project requirements too often, getting stuck with certain techniques/solutions etc.