Banking Technology Stack Design

New technology advancement has helped in extending new product suite and streamlined existing credit underwriting process

With the onset of open banking reshaping the competitive landscape and consumer experience of the banking industry coupled with changes in regulations, investor requirements and underwriting standards has put the onus on stakeholders to think and implement technological solutions as prime business drivers.

In order to capture market which has been left untouched by traditional financial institutions, new age non-banking finance companies have implemented solutions which evaluate prospective customers from different lens so that they can make quick decision on credit worthiness of the customers. In order to drive this decision-making process, these institutions are accessing data from various sources which not only promotes development of new apps but also streamlines existing processes.

We assist stakeholders not only in implementing new IT system which caters to their vision but also ensure that those newly implemented systems succeed in yielding measurable benefits.

Today, IT vendors offer financial institution a nearly endless variety of sophisticated tools, options, and custom configurations. But with so many options available, stakeholders can easily lose their way. Also, after selecting the right solutions, projects are plagued with missed deadlines, cost overruns, and broken promises as right resources are not aligned for the project. Even after systems getting live, it can still foster long-term headaches for the management like burdensome maintenance costs or the inability to accommodate future market changes. We help our clients avoid these implementation pitfalls with a structured approach, a wealth of industry experience, and our very own lessons learned from prior implementations.

To fulfill the growing demands of new age financial institutions, our team of professionals has both technical and functional (business) acumen of lending domain driven by years of successful implementation experience. We also ensure that our clients know exactly what to look for, find exactly what they need, and receive exactly what they expect—an IT system capable of supporting both current and future needs.

We see it all the time: inefficient business processes getting institutionalized because of the technology shortcomings in legacy systems. New system implementation or replacement efforts are the perfect opportunity to rethink how your business can be conducted more efficiently. And Spurto team is here to help you streamline your processes in preparation for (or in conjunction with) a new implementation.

Our services include (and not limited to) vendor management (including contract negotiation support), project management, business analysis, evaluation and selection of third-party services and their integration approach, etc. We also help in streamlining credit underwriting process through usage of Application programming interfaces (APIs) by developing practice of sharing financial information electronically, securely, and only under conditions that customers approve of.
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